We are still here for you and are still accepting new patients!

You can schedule an appointment with your provider to discuss COVID-19 prevention and review ways to boost your immune system and maintain your health.  For mild to moderate cases of COVID-19, we can discuss treatment.  If you are symptomatic or have been exposed, we can help with in-home, natural and prescription treatments.

NOTE:   If you are experiencing respiratory distress, please seek care at your local Emergency Department immediately.

Please note our office changes below:

  • All staff, patients and visitors must wear a mask* in the building. Only patients with scheduled appointments and allergy shot patients will be allowed into the building. No guests, please. Not all masks are equally effective at protecting yourself or others!  If you are coming inside the clinic, please wear a fitted, multi-layer cotton mask, a surgical mask, or an N95 mask without a valve*.

*After reviewing this new study on the efficacy of masks in preventing the spread of COVID, we are no longer allowing neck gators, bandanas, or masks with valves to be worn in our clinic.  Neck gators were shown to promote the spread of infection. Bandanas and masks with valves have been shown to be ineffective at preventing infection.

  • Walk-in Allergy shots are being administered on Tuesday and Thursday, 9-430pm and Wednesday 11:30-6pm only.
  • Scheduled office visits with providers are being done with telemedicine (video or phone). Prior to any upcoming appointment, you will be contacted by our reception department. We are working hard to keep you and our staff safe and cared for.
  • Allergy testing, IMs and IVs are being scheduled on a reduced basis.
  • Supplements can be ordered by phone or using our online shopping cart. We can ship directly to you or we will bring your supplements out to you.
  • All other concerns will be addressed by phone.

We appreciate the support of our patients, staff and community.

Thank you.