Amanda Wielgus is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner (NP). Prior to obtaining her NP degree, she worked as a nurse for 10 years at Mercy Medical Center where she obtained a wide array of skills and knowledge. During her time at Mercy, Amanda decided to pursue a medical discipline that would help prevent and reverse acute and chronic illness and support patients to achieve general wellness. To help incorporate her love of healing the body as a whole she enrolled in course work through The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Amanda’s experience of working to maximize her personal health and wellness has helped her to guide patients in achieving their own health goals. Her knowledge of hormone replacement, allergies, peptide therapy, systemic inflammation, and weight loss practices helps her to shape a custom plan for each patient to achieve their best health.

In addition to assisting patients to heal from the inside, Amanda has a passion to help people feel more aesthetically beautiful. She utilizes her certifications in Botox and Dermal fillers and knowledge of clean skin care to help patients achieve healthy, glowing skin and accentuate features in a natural and subtle way.

Amanda has a very deep love for animals; in her downtime she enjoys reading educational books, lifting weights, receiving and practicing reiki, traveling, hiking and cooking.