Bryna Greenspan, M.S., R.D., P.A.-C. joined Northampton Integrative Medicine in August, 2017.  P.A. Greenspan practiced functional medicine many years before it became a specialty, recognizing early in her career the need to address the entire individual in a comprehensive way that traditional medical practices may sometimes overlook. Toward that end, she attained degrees in nutrition and food science, exercise science and medicine.

Bryna Greenspan, PA-C

Bryna Greenspan, MS, RD, PA-C

Ms. Greenspan takes great satisfaction in helping people who have been chronically ill or feel worn down from stubborn illness or conditions such as Lyme disease, allergy, hormonal imbalance (women and men), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel, reflux (GERD), auto-immune illness, neurological conditions, cancer, environmental toxicity, heart disease and more. At Northampton Integrative Medicine, she utilizes advanced diagnostics and treatments to address each organ system individually and as part of the whole. As a Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist, she has helped patients to decrease and sometimes even eliminate the need for conventional medicines.

Her 30 years of experience in health care as a physician assistant in emergency medicine, neurosurgery, internal medicine and addiction medicine, along with her experience as a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist, gives her a unique skill set to understand and diagnose a vast variety of conditions. Her commitment to pursuing any venue that will help her patients heal makes her especially suited to addressing conditions that have not responded to traditional care.

Ms. Greenspan received a B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science from New York University, an M.S. in Exercise Science from The University of Massachusetts, a medical degree from The Albany Medical College Physician Assistant Program and is nationally certified as both a Physician Assistant and a Registered Dietitian.

Her research at the University of Massachusetts focused on helping people overcome blocks to establishing and maintaining the benefits of regular exercise. She is a member of The American Academy of Physician Assistants, and a former member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and of the American College of Sports Medicine.

A lifelong spiritual seeker who has studied with many spiritual healers and teachers across the country, Ms. Greenspan has a commitment to helping individuals claim their innate healing ability.  She has had a regular newspaper column on nutrition and exercise, and has appeared on radio. She has lectured on the topics of cardiovascular health, nutrition and lifestyle, head injury in adults, spirituality, as well as the role of exercise in recovering from addiction.  She is passionate about the role of nutrition and exercise in healing and prescribes to Hippocrates’s idea that food is medicine and medicine is food.  However, she also knows that there is room in everyone’s life for a Dove Bar!