Synthetic thymosin alpha 1 (Tα1) peptide has been approved by the FDA for treatment of malignant melanoma, Hepatitis B and C, and influenza. It is being further studied for antiviral properties, cancer treatments, powerful antioxidant properties, supplemental treatments for tick-borne infections, and immune modulation and boosting. It is indicated as adjuvant therapy for support of immune systems suppressed by chemotherapy. Thymosin alpha 1 has been approved for use in 30 countries for the treatment of Hepatitis and cancer.

The thymus is a gland that is important in immune function. With age, this gland loses its ability to produce thymosin, a hormone necessary for T cell development and production. Extracts from the thymus gland of animals have been used as an immune booster for many years. Synthetic thymosin is much more concentrated than the previous animal based thymus extract and is well tolerated and effective when given as a subcutaneous injection. The proposed mechanism of action involves the restoration of immune function and modulation by augmenting T cell function and supporting the conversion of thymocytes to active T cells.

Ta1 is prescribed as weekly subcutaneous injections, usually for 30 days.   It can be self-administered by the patient after training or administered by clinical staff in our office.

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