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Chelation for heavy metals toxicity and removing plaque from arteries, tick-borne disease treatments, high dose vitamin Cancer treatments, all intravenous treatments. Awesome and effective alternative medicine. ~CC

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All the practitioners are wonderful and caring. Had I not gone there I would never have gotten the proper diagnosis. Very grateful!! ~WA

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Wonderful office! Love the staff and the practitioners... ~NC

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Finally, a doctor who listens to the patient. I have many health issues and go to all sorts of doctors, many which tell me I’m fine although my symptoms and blood labs show otherwise. Most don’t listen to the patient and just follow the textbook. Glad I went to see (NIM).  Hoping to get my [...]

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BR 4.23.19

After having multiple doctors tell me that my digestive issues were all "stress" related, I finally came to this facility and was able to find out that I was allergic to many foods that I had been eating frequently. The feel in this office is so different than a PCP's office. I feel like the [...]

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comment 4.19.19

...Their kindness along with their vast knowledge let me know that I am in good hands. ~ Female, age 54

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Kearney – DS

I wanted to share that I am down a pant size and a top size...  Last but most exciting overall my A1C is down...  So over the moon excited and just wanted to keep you updated. Thank you for your help and direction. Between the food modification and supplements, I feel the best I have [...]

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Bryna – Carol

WOHOO!!!!!   I am feeling great....thanks to you!! You have truly saved my life!!! ~Carol

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Mast Cells and Allergy

Mast cells perform a defensive role against foreign invaders and release more than 200 chemicals, many of which we have no means of testing.  Chemicals, like histamine and tryptase that come from these cells may cause the symptoms of allergic reactions like hives, facial flushing, runny nose, wheezing, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bladder symptoms, skin numbness and tingling, and/or chest pain.

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