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Female, 45

My autoimmune condition was reviewed by a few specialists, but no one was able to help me actually feel better. Under the care at NIM. I have been able to really feel the very best I can.

Female, 452021-01-20T17:09:38-05:00

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Skin reactions resembling exczema with intense itching and redness may be allergic contact dermatitis. We test for 35 of most common contact allergens in the world.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis2020-03-06T11:31:05-05:00

Tree Pollen Season

Peak tree pollen allergy season occurs from late April to mid-May in the Northeast

Tree Pollen Season2020-03-03T16:42:07-05:00

Female, 69

I had NAD infusions.   My energy started to get better.  I'm able to do things now within a half hour of waking. I now have energy all day and am able to accomplish so much more. ~female, 69 y.o.

Female, 692021-01-20T17:10:30-05:00


I notice after she takes the peptide shots, she is unmistakably more energized, centered and tremendously more present! ~husband of patient


female, 71

Warm, caring, authentic - -the most positive I've ever felt in working with a  medical professional. ~S. E.,  female, 71 y.o.

female, 712020-01-16T14:45:41-05:00

Female, 29

All staff are friendly, respectful and courteous.  I feel like I am listened to, have a say in my health plan and am well taken care of by knowledgeable practitioners.  Thank you! ~MC, 29 y.o. female

Female, 292021-01-20T17:08:36-05:00

63 y.o. male RR

I gradually became more ill and went on disability ...due to extreme fatigue, tremors, constant eating and abdominal pain.   PCP, then specialists couldn't figure it out. Made appointment at NIM and had testing which showed positive results for Lyme and co-infection parasite.   I am now under treatment. I was ready to accept being severely sick [...]

63 y.o. male RR2020-01-06T14:13:14-05:00

RK 72 y.o.

Very attentive and detailed care. ~R.K.   72 y.o. female

RK 72 y.o.2020-01-06T14:13:43-05:00
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