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Female, 80 y.o.

At first, I didn’t think it was doing anything.   I gradually began to notice I had a lot more energy and was sleeping well.    I suffer from polymyalgias, allergies, IBS, and GERD.   I ate French fries for the first time in ages and didn’t have a problem!  I was quite surprised.  Then realized it might [...]

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Painless AT shots, best phlebotomist

Painless shot givers.  Intelligent treatment.  Nice staff. What more could I ask? PS -  World's best phlebotomist. ~J.L.  73 y.0.

Painless AT shots, best phlebotomist2019-07-11T16:06:29-04:00

female, 37

I was skeptical to come in, but the experience from start to end more than exceeded my expectations. My provider gave me hope that my issues would be figured out versus the narrow treatment I received elsewhere.  I was very frustrated the last few months but am more confident with the information I was given. I look [...]

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Allergy dept 5.19

The gals in the allergy dept. rock!  My whole experience has been positive - everyone is so kind and conscientious!  I feel awesome!! ~C.G.

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autoimmune 5.19

...this office and staff have helped me with a horrible autoimmune disease.   This is a long drive and (the staff) make it worth it.  Thank you. ~D.E.

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Facebook CC

Chelation for heavy metals toxicity and removing plaque from arteries, tick-borne disease treatments, high dose vitamin Cancer treatments, all intravenous treatments. Awesome and effective alternative medicine. ~CC

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Facebook WA

All the practitioners are wonderful and caring. Had I not gone there I would never have gotten the proper diagnosis. Very grateful!! ~WA

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Facebook NC

Wonderful office! Love the staff and the practitioners... ~NC

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facebook DA

Finally, a doctor who listens to the patient. I have many health issues and go to all sorts of doctors, many which tell me I’m fine although my symptoms and blood labs show otherwise. Most don’t listen to the patient and just follow the textbook. Glad I went to see (NIM).  Hoping to get my [...]

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