Picture 028Allergy treatment is based on individualized testing in our allergy laboratory (which is actually a fairly relaxed and comfortable place!). We use the results of this testing to produce customized allergy therapy, which consists of a tiny dose of the substance you are allergic to. It comes in two forms for you to choose from:

  • sublingual drops (placed under the tongue) for use at home;
  • allergy shots, which you can receive weekly at our office or in the office of your local primary or urgent care physician;

The correct dose of antigens will just “match” your level of reactive antibodies, and eliminate allergy symptoms when taken regularly. Generally, your level of reactivity will gradually decrease over the course of therapy, until the point where treatment becomes rarely needed, if at all.

If you are scheduled for a testing session, please refer to this document for lists of medications, nutrients, herbs and foods to avoid prior.  Many need to be avoided 2-3 days in advance of testing.

Patch testing for contact dermatitis is also available.