Janice Pegels, MD, FAAFP, IFMCP has a longstanding interest in integrative medicine.  She enjoys empowering patients to adopt healthy and balanced lifestyle habits that nurture body, mind, and spirit.

Janice Pegels, MD

Dr. Pegels achieved certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2017 and has adopted their systems biology approach to treating chronic illness which combines evidence-based medicine with an understanding of a patient’s unique biochemistry.   After gathering a patient’s complete history and reviewing various lab studies, she addresses optimization of digestion and absorption of nutrients, structural integrity (both cellular and musculoskeletal),  hormonal balance (adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones), mitochondrial health ( associated with energy, neurologic, and psychiatric illness), transport (includes cardiovascular health), defense and repair ( addresses allergy, autoimmune,  and infectious conditions), and biotransformation  (addresses environmental toxins and optimizing detoxification).

Prior to coming to Northampton, Dr. Pegels practiced primary care and integrative medicine in the Boston area and in Binghamton, NY.  Her medical background includes:  teaching at a family medicine residency, working in college student health and at a women’s health clinic, and serving as a practice mentor to other integrative providers.

Dr. Pegels is a fellow of the American Academy of Family Medicine.  She completed her undergraduate education at Cornell University, attended SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine, and a residency in Family Medicine in Johnson City, NY.  In addition, Dr. Pegels studied acupuncture with the Helms Medical Institute.  Dr. Pegels is married and has two grown children.  She enjoys nature, traveling, music, and dance.