Trish Parker, RN, graduated from Austin Community College with her associate’s degree in nursing. She came to work at Northampton Integrative Medicine from South Austin Medical Center in Austin, Texas where she was a floor nurse working on a medical surgical floor that specialized in Oncology and Orthopedics. As a nurse, Trish is most interested in education.

Trish Parker, R.N.

Trish Parker, RN

“I am most fulfilled in my work when I can help a patient better understand their diagnosis and plan of care. When I can use my knowledge and training to make their treatment clear, I feel that I’ve made a difference.”

Trish appreciates that Northampton Integrative Medicine has three nurses who work as patient educators. “We are the link between the patients and the practitioners. We facilitate and clarify that communication.” Trish has long believed in an integrative approach to medicine and has a broad variety of interests within the field, including thyroid treatments, food allergies and sensitivities, and diabetes education.